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These are two guns I bought from a friends widow, I gave here fair market value, and am passing the savings on to you guys if interested. Black powder is all that has been shot in them, and they have been cleaned very well. Both bores are bright and shiny, no rust or pits. Both have been scoped, and zeroed by me a couple of years ago. Don't know if they are still zeroed, since I have not shot them since. I bought all his ML's, and am trying to recoup some of my money, no profit.

1. CVA wolf with 3x9x40 Bushnell scope, blk/blue-----$170 shipped.

2, CVA Thunderbolt, grey stock with Tasco scope, .45 1-28 twist $150 shipped. This is setup to use 209 primers also.

I believe the scope is 3x9 on the Thunderbolt, but will check tommorw and make sure. Both of these guns, shot maxi ball slugs into 1" or less groups at 100yds. The .45 loved some of the Buffalo Bore slugs, 285 grains, and theTC .45 maxis with 70grs of 3f. The Wolf will shoot Hornady Great plains, 385 grains into a ragged hole for 3 shots at 100yds. It also shot some 250 and 300 gr Lee REAL bullets made from pure lead just as good, with a lot less recoil using 2ffg.
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