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2 more hogs on my new lease

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i just returned from my new free hunting lease in jack county, i lucked out as after my trup i now have 3 ranches to hunt on. i went out and scouted the place and found a tremenoud amount of crop damage wheat fields and coastal. i honestly did not realize the impact hogs had on agriculture as i always hunted the piney woods of east Texas. to make a long story short i really feel for these farmers and ranhers i seen a 400 acre wheat field destroyed in a weeks time listening to the farmers and there stories really saddened me. the crazy thing is i spoke to at least 6 farmers and all practically begged for people to hunt them. i have 3 ranches totallying about 1600 acres that i have acces to even alloing me to use there 4 wheeler and feeders and traps.
my weapon was my winchester model 70 7mm magnum loaded with 150 gr remington corelokts hit a small boar and sow at about 150 yards. i have never seen 50 hogs at a time but last night i did. the neiboor guy said they trapped 90 last week and there seems to be tons miore hogs around im going to go next week and set the trap for a week we are just going to leave the gate open then on wed night im setting it hopefully ill get a bunch of them anyways thought id share the story i sure feel baD FOR THESE FARMERS pictures are coming
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The area I hunt has huge herds of hogs like that. One afternoon a buddy county 126. Can you imagine how many quail and turkey nests get busted everyone spring in TX by those fine nosed, garbage disposals?

On my place in Leon Co, they tear up the fields so bad it is difficult to shred the weeds. I have planted food plots and watched them get uprooted. Therefore, we shoot on sight and trap when possible. I love to hunt and eat them, but wish the population were as easy to control as deer.


a year ago i used to try and bait my lease for hogs but after seeing the destruction they caused im determined to get rid of as many as i can a few here and there is ok as the table fare is awesome but when they start infringing on turkey deer quail then i believe i need to try to help as much as possible
Jack County

Must be nice, free lease there.....LOL....Where abouts are you? I'm hunting on the Jack/Young County Line there on Hwy 114....There's a guy right down the road that buys trapped hogs, but don't recall the prices he pays. Took my hog trap out about 2 months ago, but have not had the time to get back down there and set it.


im not far from the jack young county line in bryson off 3209 then i have a place off 2075 then in loving off 16 all free leases
Dang Howie,

Start a guide service. Get with the folks that want you to shoot hogs and offer them a solution to their problem and they can get some $$ too. All you would have to do is promise to stay with the hunters and supervise/watch. I will be the first to step up and send you my phone number if you e-mail or pm me.

Dave 8)

that is an interesting thought I oiwe 2 friends hunts they are james and rickt300 was supposed to go with james today and rick on sat but had baby sitter problems today these ranchers are very nice and generous and i do not forsee a problem with that ill talk to them but pig huntin sure is Hard work!!!!
Just keep it on the weekends Howie. That way you can still have a life. Throw up a few scattered feeders, put in some pallet blinds (these are really cheap) and folding chairs, get some red equipment lights from Sportsman's Guide and you are good to go my bro.

The man that lets me hunt on a parcel of his property told me he is beginning to have hog problems and I don't have to go to Texas to hunt hogs but won't let me bring a hunting partner...yet. We shall see.

Dave 8)
hog hunting

WOW Howie,That sounds fun if you need any help just reply here :D
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