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20" Model Seven Barrels? Good Bench M

My brother has had a Model 7 in the 7mm-08 since the early 1980s...I've also got a buddy that bought a .260 Model 7 the first year they came out...both are stainless/black composite...I have shot both, and skinned deer killed with both, dang if I can tell any difference in recoil, or damage to a whitetail....I will say that the kick is "quicker" and you do have more "muzzle flip" than my other brother's .270s (these are full sized guns)...

We have also noticed that the .260 didn't like the 140 gr factory loadings... As a matter of fact, my buddy took up reloading because of his .260...Remington quit making his favorite factory loads...If I were debating between the 2..I'd opt for the 7mm-08...its gotten pretty popular in NC...I've done the WalMart check from Greensboro to Elizabeth City...most carry ammo for it...not so the .260...

All that being said...I don't really care for the shorter stock and barrel of a Model 7...In fact, I had my Model 77 rebarreled to 24 inches awhile back...but, if a shorter gun feels good...get it...
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