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.20 Tactical

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Anybody shooting any of the new .20 yet. I'm thinking about a TC carbine
in .20 Tactical for a walkaround coyote gun, who makes bbls? 8)
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Virgin Valley Custom Guns has it and more
Me too!

I've been researching this cartridge as well and my next barrel after my .454 Casull will be a .20 Tactical for yotes and p-dogs. The ballistics look good and they claim I should bet almost 4000 fps out of a 16", I could use it as a pistol or a carbine in that length. Let me know what you come up with, with our first little one coming in May, this barrel may be a year or two out.
20 Tactical, Tactical 20???

So, to which are you referring?? Other than saying that
the 20 Tactical is SUPPOSED to be hotter, can't help ya
much. It you're talking about the round Todd Kindler
came up with, it's the Tactical 20.

Virgin Valley made a 24" barrel for my Encore rifle
last winter. Had a real blast with it all summer, even
though most of it was punching paper. Best group was
just over 1/8", not too shabby at all for a bolt action,
let alone a break-open!!!

If you ARE speaking of the Tactical 20, my main
advice would be to use the IMI brass. The Win brass
I used couldn't take the pressure of the higher
velocities, and even blew some of the primers. Lighter
loads of 3800fps with the Hornady 33gr bullets was
just about right for this brass. Those using the IMI
brass said they had no problems with it beyond 4000fps.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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