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A few weeks ago the sierra 204 heads finally arrived at my local shops and I bought a couple of boxes of the 39 grains. After some digging around various groups It seems the leading powders were reloader 10 and h4895.

I had H4895 but I was leary since it had done so poorly with the 32 grain Hornady's. But I made up a set but a short set, it was reported that the h4895 loads did not do well until near max. Well at 26.3 (max 26.5) I got a .35 3 shot group (off the cradle).

In the field I actually saw my first red mist not just chunks or flips an actual mist. A jackrabbit was unfortunate enough to cross my path and the way it got messed up I'd suspect that the 39's and not a good fur bullet but for varmiting the work just fine.
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