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21" 223 with 1 in 12 twist, what bullets are best?

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Wiley told me that this barrel seemed better suited for light bullets. I ran a bore brush through it and it seems to be a 1 in 12 twist. What are the bullet weights that would work well in this barrel, and would it be a likely candidate for a .223 Ackley, or 222Mag Ackley? I am just looking to make a good yote rifle....or would I be better off leaving it the way it is? ( many questions and so little time..)
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.223 bullets and loads

Robert, I also have a Contender carbine in .223. The following load is the most accurate I have found for any and all .223's that I own:

Molycoat Speer TNT .224 dia. using the Midway process.
Load over 23.0 Gr. of Accurate Arms 2230
In FIREFORMED military cases
Primed with CCI small rifle primers
Seated to an OAL of 2.300"

This gives me groups of less than 1/2" consistantly.
The TNT is a hollow-point and inherently more accurate than softpoints. It is also VERY devastating unlike match hollow-points.
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