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22-250 barrel

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Hello I am new to encore bought one in 209x50s.s. for an elk hunt. I really like shooting it and it's groups. I am thinking of buying a 22-250 barrel and was hopping to get some advice wheter to go with a tc or coustom bullbarry or vva. all I am looking for is 26" ss that shoots good 1/2" or so for parry dogs yotes. Price is a large factor but i would reather wait than spend money on one that will not do what i need. I am new to change a gun but like it. Also just to ask before i bought the gun i was told i could get a 7mm r.u.m. barrel for it, I havn't seen on any one know?

where can i get data on wild cats I.E. 22-250 ackly, 6mm06, 7mm weth.

Thank you
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1" grops would do. wish for 1/2"
My factory 26" bull (blue) will do under an inch, typically about .75", so I don't see the need for a custom in this caliber for field use.

I just bought a 223 26'' hv ss for my encore.And so far I relly like it. I think when you buy factory barrel your rolling the dice when it come to accuracy.Custom barrels tend to shoot consistenly better,But you pay the price.
I could have been a contender
Thank you!

thank you!
cknight98 said:
you will get a lifetime warranty from the factory as well and if the barrel you get happens to be defective where it wont shoot good, they will replace it. hope this helps, have a good one
Hold on a minute!! Not always!! In my case, they sent back the
same barrel (dirty) with no explanation whatsoever, and would
not send one after several requests. (OK, so the last request
wasn't any too civil, but it stated the truth -- it'll be a cold day in
haites before I'll ever get another barrel from them.) The barrel
will now get 3/4" groups, thanks to many suggestions from the
good people in this and other forums.

Since then, I have gotten two more barrels from VVCG with no
problems at all. Yes, they are more expensive, but the lack of
a "T/C headache" is worth the difference to me.

A friend of mine has a 22-250 barrel that has worked out for him,
but he had to shim both sides of the locking block to keep it from
sideways movement, even when shut. (T/C barrel, that is.)

I'm with 223Larry all the way on this one -- save your money up
for two T/C barrels, then get a good ONE from VVCG or Bullberry.
There will be a two month wait from VVCG, and I understand it
takes longer from Bullberry, but I'm going that route from now
on. To me their MOA warranty beats the heck out of T/C's
"satisfaction" warranty. WHO's satisfaction??? :evil:
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I have a 26" hvy factory barrel in 22/250 that shoots 1/2" pretty consistently on good days. Used it for P-dogs the first year I went. Set it aside the next year, Didn't find that a single shot was very good for P-dogs as you lose your target between shots. It was plenty accurate but I prefer a bolt gun for P-dogs. As far as TC service, I just sent a 17 HMR barrel back to them that I couldn't get to shoot straight. Got it back in 3 weeks as promised and they claimed 1/2" 50yd accuracy. Took it to the range the other day and shot 10- 100meter groups, Two I blew. out of the remaining eight all were under 1", Four best measured .70", .60", .45", and an amazing .25". All at 100meters.Most all of my factory barrels can out shoot me. Just my $.02 KN
Thank you!

thank you. i am really glad i found this place i findly have a use for the net.
thank you for the info. i was hoping to get one ordered next mouth. will probbly go with tc for now outher wise i will have to wait untill after july. maby i can sell it later and use it now. kn brought up some thing i hadn't thought of, one shot isn't ideal on a big town but it might keep the barrel from getting as hot and save alittle ammo.
T/C barrels

JB, don't go cheap on base, rings & scope. I think this is the key to most problems. I have had more than one rifle that the scope cost more than the gun.
8) My 26" Heavy shoots a ragged hole at 100 yards with 50 grain hollow point boat tails being pushed by H380.
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