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.22 Barrel for Encore

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Does anyone out there actually own the aftermarket setup for .22 LR in an Encore. I am thinking about getting a barrel and the conversion breechblock and would like to hear from someone who has already tried it. I have only one barrel (!) for mine, a .454 Casull, and it bounces a wee bit too much for a lot of shooting. I have been firing a lot of .45 Colt in it, even though some frown on that. I clean the chamber frequently to prevent a buildup. What is the best .22 LR barrel to get taking in to account both price and performance?
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yes I have one

It works wonderful. got it from bullberry.
cheap and easy to use.
22 Mag in Encore

It works great in a 22 Mqg barrel. Mine is a Vigrin Valley and it is accurate, Lots of fun to shoot. Twyman
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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