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22 mag accuracy

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Howdy, I've a marlin 22 mag SS rifle, clip fed, synthetic stock that shoots great after I honed the trigger & free floated the barrel. It will shoot 3/8" groups at 25 yards with CCI maxi mags HP & Federal premiums. With other 22 mag ammo it shoot 1" at 25 yards. Try different ammo before you give up. Any questions, give me a pm or email. Good shootin!
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22mag. Accuracy??

My Marlin 882SS shoots the old orginal Win. 22 Mag. JHPs into less than an inch at 100 yards pretty much every time. Shoots the CCI HPs into about 1.5"-1.75". That's the only two loads I've tried as they are what I had on hand. I now use only the Winchester HPs.

Just find the ammo it wants and it will shoot.

22mag. Accuracy??

Hey Great White Hunter,

I shoot the Marlin 25MN which is essentially the same rifle as yours; minus the fancy wood and sights. It has the exact same barrel. Mine is really accurate with the CCI Maxi Mags; both the HP's and solid points. I've never taken official measurements, but at 60 yards, the bullet holes usually touch. That's as good as it gets!

I too have had problems with Winchester Ammo. Try the CCI's. Hopefully you'll have the success that I've had. If the CCI's don't shoot well, keep searching for the right ammo. I promise you have a very accuarate rifle and it's just a matter of finding the right ammo.


Texas Squirrel Hunter :gulp:
22 mag. ammo

i agree with greybeard try the win.h.p. shot best in my gun .next best was cci h.p. the full metal jackets don't shoot good in my gun.
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