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222 or Hornet

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I have had both 222 and Hornet barrels for my Contender. I now have a 221 Fireball. I think that is the way to go.

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the definitive answer to your question...

Well maybe not THE definitive answer, but it does reflect my opinion. :grin: The .22 Hornet will accomplish your tasks quite nicely. In fact, I would not hesitate to use a 10" Hornet on a coyote out to 125-150yds which I would consider maximum range for bigger varmints.

So for your requirements, again I say that the Hornet would be perfect. However, if you wanted to push the performance envelope in a 10" gun then I would lean towards a .221 fireball. The .222 has a bit too much case capacity to make it a nice round for the shorter barrel.

I've played with the Hornet a fair amount now. You can expect up to 2600fps with bullets in the 30-35gr range, but I really suggest that you take it easy on the brass because it can have a tendency to be pretty thin. So keep your loads <90-95% of max and it will serve you well and you'll love it.
22 Hornet

I agree with the other post the 22 Hornet would be the best choice out of the 10 inch tube.If it were the 14 i would go with the 222.
.222 vs .22 Hornet

I agree with B_Koes. I have a 10" Hornet and it shoots very well. I have been shooting 45 Gr. bullets but just bought some 35 gr. V-Max to try.

I had a 10" 222 and shot two boxes of ammo through it, then sold it. It seemed like it might be accurate enough. Although I was shooting factory ammo instead of reloads with a faster powder, it spit flames and stuff out of the barrel that could be seen in broad daylight. It was very loud too.

I think if you want a 222 you need a 14" barrel while the Hornet will shoot great in a 10".
.222 vs .22 Hornet

The 22 Hornet in a 10" barrel is a great shooting round. The one I had before getting the same in a 15" Bull, would shoot 1/4" groups at 50 yds all day long.

I mainly used mine for rabbits and turkey. It was nice to be able to put that 45 grain bullet through the neck of a gobbler at 135 yards. The hornet is, in my opinion, the most accurate round the Contender has to offer.

Noise is not a problem and One pound of powder will load over 700 rounds.

I would take the HOrnet over the 222 in a 10" barrel. The 222 will have severe muzzle blast with that short of a barrel, plus you will not be able to utilize the full potential of the 222.

Good luck with your choice.

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.222 vs .22 Hornet

Have you looked at the 22Rem Jet :wink: I have a 12" Bullberry (.224 bore)that gets 2750fps with a 35gr V Max. and only 14grs of IMR4227.In a 10" tube I don't think you will loss much and it's just as fast as a .223Rem.
.222 vs .22 Hornet

I recently purshased a used contender with a 357 barrel. After seeing how good it shot and functioned I too thought about another barrel.I am glad i saw this forum because the place I got mine has a 222 barrel and a hornet barrel both in 10''. I thought about the 222 because I have a rifle in that caliber. B ut after seeing this I think I will try the hornet. :grin:
.222 vs .22 Hornet

HBL said:
... The hornet is, in my opinion, the most accurate round the Contender has to offer...HBL
So you've never shot a 17HMR Contender? :wink:

I'll also chime in to go with the Hornet of the two unless you reload and wanted to down-load the 222. With 3 short 221's of my own though, it also gets my vote for your specific circumstances, including over the Hornet.

They're all fun - luck however you go guys,

Ladobe :bye:
.222 vs .22 Hornet

Well, just to stir the pot a little bit, what about the K-Hornet. All the qualities of the standard Hornet and more, plus extended case life. I have a Super 14 Hornet bbl. I like pretty well but brass life could be better :)
.222 vs .22 Hornet

cknight98 said:

this thread is a year old, so i dont know if the .17hmr was readily available back then.
Hey Chris.
Yes, the Hummers were out for a long time by then... I had the very first one if you'll remember and I got it early 2002 from Bullberry (March or April) about the same time Hornady finally cut loose with a little ammo to those working on it with them (and Fred was).
You'll not be disappointed with a 14" 222 barrel - I have one and its a real precision shooter. Would give you all the steam you need for the coyotes too. Enjoy pard,
.222 vs .22 Hornet

Just to stir the pot a little and support the Hornet group, TC did make a K-Hornet in the 10inch octagon barrel configuration. This would be my vote. Increase speed (FPS) miserly powder usage, use factory Hornet loads to hunt/fireform brass, and loading dies readly available.

Shop around you might be able to find one available. If not it's fairly inexpensive to rechamber (read CHEAP).

Good luck with your decision.

doc-and 8)
.222 vs .22 Hornet


No sir, I have not shot the 17 yet. So I may have to stand corrected :grin:

I just like doing the reloading thing, so I have seriously considered getting a 17 hornet or MachIV
.222 vs .22 Hornet

Just in case anyone is interested in a 22 Hornet 15" Encore barrel ebay has one right now.

Mario :D
.222 vs .22 Hornet

Just a little note on the Hornet because I started with it as a varmint round in 1942 and in the best rifle barrels on the market at that time I just couldn't get very good accuracy. We shot .222 size bullets at that time. The Hornet rifles were bored this size. My shooting bud still has one of the rifles I gave him. He wanted me to load him some ammo in 1988 so being as we were 300 miles apart, I needed something to use to develop a load using different powders and got a TC Contender with a 10" barrel.
I was very surprised with how accurate it shot with any powder I tried.
When we finally got together, we tried all the loads I developed and found that they weren't as accurate in the rifle.
A friend of mine wanted me to try out a load he developed with the 33 gr.
V-Max with 12 grs. of H110 and I casually shot my swinging steel plate target ONCE at 25 yards with my 10" TC. It deformed my target so badly it doesn't swing anymore. Accuracy is great with any bullet combination I have shot with my 10" TC. The brass problem can be alleviated by loading lighter loads as was suggested, but limits my reloading expectations to about three times.
I just shot a Ruger rifle in 17HMR the other day and was pleasantly surprised at how well it shot so if you don't reload, I'd go along with the suggestion of using it instead of the Hornet. I just hate to throw brass away.
A little tidbit of info for posterity. We formed 22LR cases into bullets to shoot in our Hornets during WWII when we couldn't get bullets. We also used black powder we made ourselves. We also shot cast bullets and kept squirrel meat on the table when meat was rationed. Wish I had a TC back then.
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.222 vs .22 Hornet

Well now I think we've covered just about all the common possibilities in a 10"er EXCEPT one. My favorite(although I've had at least one of all the above mentioned and loved'm) the .218Bee in 10" Octagon. Lies in between the K-Hornet and .221Fireball in performance. There were a fair number produced during the '70's and they still show up now and then. Not a .22 of course, but I still like my old .256 Win Mag in 10"oct. for walking around vermin shootin too. GOOD SHOOTIN, Walt :D
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