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I am interested in purchasing a new 223 rifle and I'm not sure what make or model to get.

1 remington 700 varmint heavy barrel (any)
2 winchester 70 varmint heavy barrel (any)
3 bushmaster
4 Cz
5 Browning A bolt

I want a varmint rifle and my main concern is accuracy! what are the pros and cons of each rifle mentioned above?

If you own one of these rifle, would you buy it again? Does any of these rifle shoot better than the other?

Or, Should I save up and put together a custom rifle and If so, how and where do I get started?

I realize this is a oppinionated question but I am looking for personal experiance and will base my puchase on the info you give me. Thank you and sorry for the long post! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!! :D

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Welcome. :D

I tend to be somewhat of an "accuracy" freak myself, but I need to know at what expense (not just money wise). Specifically, do you mind if the gun is big and heavy?

Let's first keep in mind two things. First of all, the .223 is generally an accurate cartidge. This is not to say ALL .223 rifles will shoot 1/2" groups, but I have never seen a .223 that shot above 1" at 100 yards. Second, it would be incorrect to say that one type of gun will definately be more accurate than another type. A thin barreled gun may be more accurate than a bull-barreled gun.

If you will not be doing too much walking, and you don't mind big heavier-than-average rifles, then I would first recommend the Remington VS SF (Varmint Synthetic, Stainless Fluted). The SF is 1/2 a pound lighter than the regular VS version and it also has stainless steel. I have a VS SF in .308 it shoot close to 1/2" groups with some factory loads.

My second recommendation, believe it or not, would be a Savage FVSS in .223 (which I myself am considering purchasing). It is much less expensive than the Remington VS SF, but generally shoots just as accurate as the VS SF.

Of course, on any factory gun that you buy, you will need to have a trigger job, or install an after market trigger. A competent gunsmith can adjust the trigger on a Remington for about $50. However, I think that some people say that Savage triggers should just be replaced with Tiney triggers (but if you do this, then you might as well spend the extra money and get the Remington VS SF).

Now, if you really want the BEST trigger on the market, then you have to get a Jewell trigger. I have one on a Remington BDL SS DM and NO WORDS CAN ACCURATELY DESCRIBE THE QUALITY, FEEL, AND FUNCTION OF A JEWELL TRIGGER. :grin: Be forewarned, they are expensive - around $230 without installation (which should be by a competent gunsmith).

If you get you get a trigger job, then the trigger pull can't, or at least shouldn't, be less than 3 lbs, or maybe even 2 3/4 lbs. However, some Jewell Triggers are 2 OZ (I said OUNCES). This, I believe, is waaaayyyy to light for hunting. These are just for benchrest competition, but you can get these triggers for 1, 1.5, 2.0 lb pull, etc.


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:D Hello Vhunter, I have been shooting 223s now for some 30 yrs.Had a diving accident and had to go to a no kicker.I have a bull barrel Remington that shots a one hole if I do my part.It is real heavy and awkward to carry.Probably the rifle of choice would be a 788 Remington.They don't make these anymore as I am sure you already know. They can be picked up at a gun show or pawn shop for around $300.00 in my part of the woods.If you can find a 222 in 788 it can be rechambered to 223 without much trouble.A CZ is an awfully nice gun with lots of fine features.I really like it because it is so light to carry plus it is also short.I really enjoy the set trigger it has too.The Bushmaster is a pleasure to shoot but mine is not set up with a floating handgard and therefore is not what I would call a tack driver.It will shoot about a 2 ins. group at 100 yds.The Ruger Mini 14 is about the kicking,recoiling,nearest nothing I own.The 700 Remingtons shoot real good also.These are all the 223s I can recomend or have had experience with.If you find a used rifle make sure the barrel is rust free too.I personally like a rifle with some metal in the barrel as they seem to shoot better for meI hope my suggestions have been of some help to you as they are my own personal findings.Happy Holidays to you and your family from me and my family,I am CAL.........

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:D I have a rem. 700 with a syn.stock and a regular barrel I can shoot 2 in groups at 200 yrds. and I am no great shot. all factory no addons.I am looking at a howa lamanate thumb hole sporster I have a howa 308 syn reg barrel and it shoots great the triger is the best factory triger i ever had.I have heard some others say howa has a bad triger but i can't
say anything bad about the ones i have used. Also the price is right.

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Well, I don't know nuthin' 'bout no custom rigs or which is better. I will tell you that I own a Browning A-bolt Medallion Varmint and a CZ527 in .223.

I really like the Browning, but it's big, long, and heavy - not something you pack around. It sure shoots though, happily churning out sub-MOA groups with nearly everything I feed it, handload or otherwise. It's got a semi-adjustable trigger that works for me, but it could use more fine tuning to be a serious target shooter. For poppin' prairie dogs and long-range jackrabbits it's a dandy!

The CZ is much lighter and better handling as a hunting rifle. It shoots nearly as well as the heavier barreled Browning too, maybe just as good if I cared to continue load development. It does, however, have a few features I'm not to fond of: that bass-ackwards safety (up/forward for safe, down/back for fire); and the removeable magazine, which must be removed to load. I sure miss being able to stuff fresh rounds (or a recently unchambered round) into the magazine. It's kind of a pain to have to drop the mag, jack out the round, put it in the mag, then reinsert the mag when you're in and out of the truck between coyote stands 10 times a day. The adjustable set trigger is neat though, and makes for some nice bench targets.

I would definitely by the Browning again. I'm still undecided on the CZ. It shoots and handles nice, but I think I may have been better served bya Browning A-bolt Micro.

There's my opinion, take it for what it's worth.

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Best .223 ...

Hi Vhunter:

Guess you'll get lots of comments here. I want to put in my "Ruger" plug. At present, I have a Ruger No. 1 in .223 that will shoot 1/4 to 3/8" at 100 yards and inside an inch at 200. Not too heavy, a real sweet rifle, you shouldn't overlook it. I also have a Ruger M77 MkII V/T which is the stainless steel/laminated stock varmint/target rifle. Most accurate and best shooting factory rifle I've ever seen. After about 50 rounds, it started shooting better every time I went to the range. It loves Sierra 52-gr. Match HPBT with 28-gr. of 748. Mind you, I'm an "old" guy and the eyes ain't what they used to be, but this rifle will shoot 3-shot groups at 200 meters into less than 1/2". The Ruger's are hard to beat for all-around quality and performance ... in my book.

Whatever you get, you will surely enjoy the .223. It's the best of .22's!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Shooting New Year, ReedG
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