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.223 wssm

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I just got the January NRA magazine. On page 16 it shows the new Winchester Super Short Magnum sirries of cartridges. Will this WSSM .223 ever be avaliable in the contender or Encore barrels. I know nothing about these cartridges which is the reason for the inquire.
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We can only hope..

I have heard that it is about the size of the 225 Winchester, or a necked ddoen .308 Winchester, if so..then it could be possible. I definately want one. I have been looking into getting my new Carbine .223 re-cut to 222mag Ackley....but that is definately going to wait now with this news. Why cut it to a wildcat, when I could possibly cut it to take factory ammo? Yehaw...definately awaiting the possibilities.
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