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240gr .308 cast bullet

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Robert had asked if I could make one. Well he has gotten me thinking. As he posted I will need a minimum order say 1500 bullets to justify this venture.
What I have done is contact Sierra as I belive the make the best profile 240gr match bullet. They were kind enough to provide the demensions of the pertinant areas of there product.
So then I contacted Lee wich I belive makes some of the best mould blocks around. They will cut the bullet in one of my blocks if possible wich saves us time and money. If not the will build a block to fit my needs.
The blocks will be based on a Lyman set up so if some one wants the same mould we can work it out through me. As they will want one order from one local. Price yet to be determined. They will let me know prior to cutting the moulds.
So here is what I am doing today I will be hand cutting a mould ( I have no lathe) this will entail some other bullets and things that would scare you if you knew. Once the bullet is cast I will post pictures hopefully today.
I will then take bullet to the range for testing in my 30BR 1in 10 twist Contender. I can duplicate whisper al the way to what the **** was I thinking with this cartdrige. This will be done this weekend. If the bullet works and I have enough intrest I send things to Lee.
How is that for you guys.
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