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25-300Mag vs. 6.5 STW

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I am thinking about a fast whitetail round for soybeanfields that are larger across than you should even attempt to shoot. So would you go for the 25-300 Win mag or a 6.5 STW? I would prefer a 257 STW but can't get it made for the Encore. Thnks.
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Jamie, I don't know if neck turning would be needed, on the 25-300. But just a thought, a 25-7mag might be easier without much speed loss.O :D
I like the 140 gr. bullet in the 6.5mm, it carries a lot more punch at long range over the 120 gr. 25 caliber bullet. 8)
If I decide on the 6.5 does anyone know if Bullberry will make it? It's not listed on their caliber chart. I could ask them but they have real work to do.
25-300 mag

Just my 2 cents but why not a 257 Weatherby if you cant get a 257 STW.
Dies aren't hard to get and brass is available.
Have fun with your project.
Frank S. :)
Hunter I figure it will cost about 400 for the Weatherby and about 400 for the STW so why not take the extra 400 fps that would come with the STW? I thought about the Weatherby then I said if I was going go then I was going big, ok not big, but fast. Besides too many people own a 257 weatherby.
just go get a new 264 win mag,problem solved!(26"barrel!)it outshoots the 257 weatherby.
Long heavy bullets have the advantage at longer ranges. Look for bullets with a BC in the .5 range. They will buck any wind better and loose their velocity more slowly. The deer will also respond to the heavier bullets better as velocity drops.

Don't know about Bullberry but Virgin Valley Custom will and does make barrels in 6.5 STW as well as 257 STW. Talk to Dave he will help you out. They will make just about anything you want. Placed an order for a 470 Nitro barrel friday. Best of luck to you. :D
Tey used to make the 257 STW but then found out it was too much for the encore. They said they will do the 6.5 but I am worried it might end up being too much also, so I think I am going to look at a different caliber. Thanks for the replies Gentlemen.

What about a 7STW? Have one from VVC and it is a very accurate. 1/2" group with winchester factory ballistic tip. Or maybe a 257 WSM or 257 weatherby. Soo many calibers soo little money. :D
I guess my search is over for awhile, I came across a 300 win mag/weaver base/ burris z- rings/T/C 3x9x40 combo on with a reserve of $320.00. I am a little nevous because I was the only one bidding on it. The fellow stated he shot it 4 times sighting in but I haven't asked why he was selling. Hopefully it was just too much gun for his needs. So assuming (yes, I know) everything is like he stated then I figured 320 was a real good deal. Another plus was that I already have dies and bunches of brass. Let me know what you guys think.
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