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2nd Amendment NOT NEGOTIABLE ~ Thats the way it is, thats the way it must be ( And we all know why ). If we ever needed to be United on something - this is that something. Those that challenge that basic are the ones that need to attend Classes for understanding.

For years I have paid taxes and then donations to fight against my own tax money on this issue - stupid / the message must be loud and clear - NOT NEGOTIABLE. Our Forefathers were wise beyond what we see in todays Government - thats why the 2nd Amendment. American Citizens build and defend America .. daily ....they pay enough taxes to build another Planet.

Common Sense tells you that firearms, knives, ball bats, etc, all must be used safely - users responsibility just like everything else.

Misuse must have it's penalties - use in a crime must have penalties of such high levels that it doesn't pay. criminals must be hammered ( Theres another tool ) ,,, Hard Time ... doesn't have to be long with all kinds of benefits and rights ( They tossed rights out the window ).

Most Prison Workers will tell you that the Current System only works for the Lawyers - does not work for the American Tax Payer / bad stuff in the prisons that the workers have to face every day with almost imposable tolerance, but still nothing changes. TOUGH LOVE NEEDED

2nd Amendment NOT NEGOTIABLE ... and self defence is not a crime.
Safety 1st , 2nd and 3rd / Vote them out - fire on the spot if you can.
Obey the laws - change the bad laws.

All should remember, the Declaration of Independence was a declaration of war against tyranny and as such is the PARENT of the 2nd Amendment. The amount of freedom we have in the future will not be determined by the amount of wisdom given to us from the ages past alone, but rather by how well we use that wisdom today. fathers1.htm
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