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3 days too long to have had beaver under water?

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High water has put me at my wits end here in TN. Had 3 days before I could even get to line. Caught a beaver in a drowning set. Will it slip?
Was skinned same day and boarded that evening.
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3 days too long to have had beaver under w

Beaver pelts are tough,if slipping would be a problem, you should have noticed it when skinning.I don't skin a beaver the day I catch it.I wait up to 3 days--but usually 1,depends on temps.
By waiting I have almost no bleeding from the head,the blood has all coagulated.Leaving no mess when skinning. Tom
3 days too long to have had beaver under w

Hello Bog!...........Thanks for the reply. I had hoped that they wouldn't slip....but I never really thought about the blood issue. Sound like a good idea. I have noticed that in especially drowned beaver, blood from the nose can be a problem in the shop.
Oh well......the dang high water around her took care of most of my sets anyhow. Had to remake most of them.
Thanks Again!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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