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30-06 vs. 308

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Ain't much difference between the two rounds you mentioned.

When the Encore first came out, I chose the 308. However, I sometimes wish I'd picked the 30-06.

I later sent my 308 to SSK and had them "fix" it. It is now a 30-06 JDJ. If I'd picked the 30-06, I probably wouldn't have felt the need for the JDJ version.

The velocity of the 308 and 30-06 using factory ammo is virtually the same according to the information that SSK supplied me with back when the Encore first came out. Some brands of 308 were faster than equivelent 30-06, while other brands 30-06 were faster than equivelent 308 ammo. This all in 15" barrels.

I do believe that JD has stated that the 30-06 will slightly better the 308 with handloads, however.

You could expect the 30-06 to have slightly more recoil than the 308. Not enough to REALLY make that the lone criteria to choose the 308 over the 30-06.

Perhaps it really boils down to a personal decision. After all that's what matters most: what you want, not what someone else thinks you should get. Right?

Best Regards,

Rog :grin:
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Encore - .308 or 30-06 for Whitetails?

I asked the same thing not to long ago.I almost got the 308 but I went with the 30-06.Recoil to me is not as bad as a 358jdj I like my '06 and I'm glad I have it.
Encore - .308 or 30-06 for Whitetails?

I would go with the 30-06. I am an unabashed fan of that caliber and with the right loads, will do what you want.
Encore - .308 or 30-06 for Whitetails?


Reloading would seem to tip the scale in favor of the 30-06, in my opinion.

However, the 308 is a great round, and in the 15" barrel of an Encore, is virtually the equal of the 30-06.

In my 308 I was able to achieve just under 2600 fps (2588fps) with 150's, 2484 fps with 165's, and the only 180 grain load I ever shot was a Remington factory load that clocked 2422 fps. I would expect that the 30-06 would do about the same, or slightly better with factory ammo. Handloading should show a slight gain as well. I've seen 30-06 load data from Shooting Times that indicated 2700 fps with 150's out of the 30-06 Spr.

Accuracy of the two should be similar.

Now, if you're really after velocity, the JDJ version of the 30-06 is the way to go.

I've pushed 150's to 2915 fps, but this load was a bit hot. I consistantly get just over 2700 fps with 168gr C-T Ballistic Silvertips. I've only briefly shot 180's, and stopped when I reached 2550 fps. 180's made my scope shift slightly even with the T'SOB mount.

Check out for information regarding the '06 JDJ cartridges.


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Encore .308 vs. .30-06

One other thing to consider might be, if you do need to resort to factory ammo, there will be alot better variety of .30-06 ammo at alot more places. :grin:

Just my opinion,

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