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30/30 options and opinions

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I have recently picked up a 30/30 barrel in a SS 14" hunter barrel with a tamer on it. I'm trying to decide if I should load it up and shoot it as is, or possibly send it in for a rechambering job. If so, what would you all recommend as the new chambering? I don't know if a 309 JDJ would be worth the cost of rechambering and dies over the 30/30 with handloads or if I should consider something else all together (30/30 AI, 30GNR, 308 BELLM, did I miss any?). I'm planning on using it for hunting deer and possibly heavier game that my 7x30 may be a bit light for. What are your thoughts on this one? Thanks for your opinions.
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there's always the .300 Savage. Much discussion on this round in the threads below...
TRy shooting it as it is first! You might have a great gun that is cheap to shoot. If it doesn't shoot you can always rechamber later. The 30-30 with spitzers is a wonderful thing to behold.

That is pretty much what I was planning on, but I guess my big question is how much more performance will I gain from going to one of the wildcats? Is it a huge step up, or will it be one of those "improvements" that only show up on paper and not in the field? My question comes from a lack of familiarity with the available wildcats in 30 caliber and especially what their ballistics are. My preference would be to load 30/30 with spitzers, but if I can get a sizeable increase with a rechamber, it may be worth the expense. Thanks.
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