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30 Herret Neck Dies

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Does anyone make a neck sizer for the 30 Herrett, or can I get by with another similar die (e.g. 308) maybe cut down a little?

Thank you guys in advance. 8)
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.30 Herret neck dies

Sir: Hornady makes some somewhat universal neck sizing dies that are caliber and length specific. example .30 short and .30 long; 7mm short and7mm long..I bought mine from Graf and Sons...WWW.GRAFS.COM I would think the .30 short would be whats call for.
Hornady .30 Short

I have one and it works just fine for my .30 Herret. However....after once or twice thru the cycle, I had to size full length to get proper headspace. GOOD SHOOTIN', Walt :D :D :D
30 Herrett Neck Dies

Thank you gentlemen, I'll give them a try.

Kirk :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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