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.30 Super Slow

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Here's a thought - I've been using my 32 H&R mag TC barrel for big bore standing matches, by shooting the 210 gr. Lyman (don't remember the number - it's the one for the Krag rifle) or the RCBS 175gr. silhouette bullet. The 210gr. will take the rams every time, but isn't quite as accurate. The RCBS 175gr. has to be driven a little harder to be 100% on rams, but a case full of AA1680 and a rifle primer will do 1300 fps if I remember right, and cases still fall out of the chamber. By loading the 32 H&R with heavy bullets for big bore and light for field pistol, it ends up being my most versatile barrel. Oh, I think Mike Rock is the one who came up with the name for it. Suits it just fine!
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Yep my son and I just picked up a 30 carbine Blackhawk and plan to do the same with it can tell you how just yet it is in the design and chamber modification stages. That and momma took the check book away from us until after the new year and we forgot to buy brass and dies. So now we are just fondoling and drooling.
My 30br can bee loaded down to just under subsonic with a 200gr Lyman and it will take rams like crazy. You should see what it does to 200meter shoot of chikens. At the regionals in OKC they were calling big bullet Bill. Becuase of the way it hit those poor little birds.
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