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300 Savage Option

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300 Savage Option

If you are getting that velocity with the 150 grain bullet you are exceeding safe pressures for a Contender. The case doesn't have the capacity to do it any other way.

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I tend to agree with GB....

on this one. My first guess with velocities you claim, is that you are way over on the pressure.

One way to check, would be to load up another 5 with the same components except use CCI 350 mag primers.

My guess is that you blow the primers. Also if the primers are cratering, reduce the load by about 10% and try again. Just be safe.

I have been shooting a 300 savage for over 15 years and have used these primers exclusively. No pressure problems and good velocities.

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300 Savage Option


I shoot the 300 Savage out of a 15" tapered hunter barrel in the Contender.

I have heard of several guys that had their rigs set up to use 307 brass so they could use the rim to head space on rather than the shoulder.

I personally have had no problems head spacing on the shoulder of the 300 savage, even though it is rather small. However, I stopped using the savage brass and now use trimmed and resized 308 brass. Some I have shot 5-7 times and have yet to trim. Still solid lockup.

The suggestion I made is what I use with all my larger bore cartridges.

I even use the CCI 350 mag primers with H322 in my 375JDJ and get velocities of 2200 with 220 grain bullets.

I got the suggestion of doing this from a custom barrel maker that no longer posts here. Matter of fact, he made every barrel from scratch I have with the exception of one I had made by Ed.
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300 Savage Option

With the 300 savage brass, after every 2 firings or so, I had to trim quite a bit due to the case stretch. With 308 brass, being heavier and thicker than the savage brass, I have fired as much as 5 times before needing to trim, and then there was very little to trim.

I believe the 307 brass, for strength, is in the same neighborhood as the 308.

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