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.300 win mag.?

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hey i am 15 and was wondering about if i could get a .300 win. mag yall say it dont kick that hard i currently have a .270 win and a 20 gauge if i wanted to know how hard it kicked could i buy some shells for my 20 gauge that would be about the same as the .300 ? well ttyl

Craig :? [/b]
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Craig, I've bought a lot of magnum rifles. I still have everyone of them. 7mm mag, 7stw, 30-378 just to name a few. But you know what I take out of the safe when I go hunting? 7-08, which is a 308 hull sized down to a 7mm. It's a slightly larger bullet 140 gr than the 270 bullet 130gr. Now you can get different weight bullets for both but this is about the average used in each. The 270 has more powder so they are close. The 270 will kill any animal in the Lower USA. I do like having and shooting the bigger rifles but they are not really needed. I know where you are coming from wanting to know everything about these guns so just keep asking. We'll help you with any question you have.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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