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I'm posting this question for a friend in Texas... he is on some sort of ISP that will not work right on Graybeards website. He can get the site open, but can't open the forums, or post anything. I'll e-mail your replies to him... thanks Guys. Here is his question:

Need 300 Ultra loads for Winchester SS 26".
I have a couple of pretty good full power
hunting loads:
180 Nos PT's, W/ 7828, @3265 & 225 Hawk W/
AA8700 @ 2925.
Both shoot about an inch, or slightly larger
groups, which is ok I guess, but I would like
to improve upon these groups a bit.
I am willing to give up a few fps's to get better
(In addition to these, I presently have some
RE-22 and Sierra 180's & 200's on my shelf.)
Does the 300UM respond well to RE-22 for accuracy?[/color]
Any recommended "pet" loads that can help me
pull these groups in a bit more?

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I started loading the 300 UM when there was very little data

At first...all I could find was data for 7828. I was having problems with accuracy, and also problems getting clobbered in the head with the scope. Couldnt find a scope in my budget that had enough eye relief. This also contributed to accuracy problems because I was flinching from the re-coil. I started using Alliant Re-25, and it fixed both problems. My group got tighter and I stopped getting clobbered, I didnt even have to change scopes. My vote for Re-22 is NO. Re-22 is even faster burning than 7828. That nice long 26 inch barrel was made for slower burning powders that will continue burning as it goes down the barrel. If your powder burns too fast, you will have heavy re-coil and then the bullet will actually get slowed down going through the rest of the length of the barrel.
I have heard of great results with H870 and AA8700 for 180+ gr bullets. The other powders are beter suited for 150 and 165 gr bullets. I have heard of people using powders all the way down to IMR 4831 and AA 3100, but you will have less re-coil= better accuracy with Re 25, AA8700,H870, and even 50 BMG.
I could help you dig up some of these loads if you want...... :grin: Robert
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