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.308 Win brass

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Picked up some .308 brass at the range today. I think it's military ammo but don't have any experience with it. The headstamp on most of it reads: "MF 87 F4". Some of it reads: "FNM 80-61".

Can I reload this? Or will I bust my decapping pin trying to deprime and resize it?
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I can guarantee you the FNM is berdan primed & not reloadable. And the odds are 99.99% against you that the MF is berdan too.

The quick way to find out is to shine a flashlight down into the case........if you see two flash holes, you won't be reloading it.
Thanks Mr. Whiz. I forgot to mention that detail in my original post. When I shined a light down the case I noticed 2 dimples and wondered if they were berdan primed. Seems a shame. I picked up about 60 cases. Normally, other than rimfire, the brass at the range is dominated by .223 and 7.62 X 39 (and much of it is cheap, steel cases) Don't usually find much I can use, and then it's generally not more than 4-10 cases. Curse that cheap, Soviet ammo!
I had the same thing happen , thought i struck gold . :)

Found about 100 8mm mauser cases -sure enough da## berdan primers

May still find a way to use them , key chains or something :-D :-D
.308 brass

I'd advise buying new brass..........I just bought 100 pcs of Lapua .308 from MidwayUSA.........very high quality & very reasonably priced.........check them out! jd45
I have been watching e-bay for once fired Federal brass. Have found them to be very high quality and they weigh within 1 or 2 grains of each other most of the time. Found one supplier who has brass from a police sniper range and they are not abused when fired because of the tighter chambers on their rifles. Can't remember the name but he was from NY and it stated in his description that was how they were fired. Having said that Lapua brass from Midway is also a very good way to go.
Federal brass eh? My H&R dislikes it, id say hates but a few cases eject fine. Ya i get lots of stuck cases with it but it loves Winchester brass.
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