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309JDJ does the trick on Mr. Whitetail

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I've been tuning up my 14" stainles SSK .309JDJ rechamber (from TC 30-30) since I got it last January.

Friday I took this nice Texas buck, lasered at 134 yards. The 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip in front of 52.5gr IMR-4350 performed perfectly. The shot entered behind the shoulder, broke the offside shoulder and exited. He took a stumbling step, and fell like a sack of potatoes.

I took some odd looks and teasing from my fellow camp members about taking my Contender into the field, but that didn't last long. :grin: Thanks to everyone on the forum that helped get me going on this cartridge, especially MS Hitman.

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:D Nice buck....cant help ya with the loads,cause i dont shoot a contender,but looks like it was a good hit. king
Congratulations! After a buck like that, I wouldn't think your friends would give you too much ****. In fact, I'm surprised that they didn't ask to borrow your gun. :)

Yep, I reversed ithe tease on everyone - told them that for a small fee, I would let them carry the empty case from the kill shot for good luck. :lol:

It was a bit of odd luck. I carried my Contender that morning (along with my rifle for long range) with the intent of taking a spike that I had watched all week. The buck came out of the brush long enough to sniff two does. They weren't hot, so he was going elsewhere. Didn't have time to get my rifle out of the corner of my stand, so I picked up my .309 that was sitting next to me. The whole ordeal lasted about 15 seconds. One of those times when everything is in slow motion and fast forward at the same time.
MS HITMAN is a pretty good guy. I work with him and the bad thing is it seems that he causes me to spend lots of money. He helped me get my Freedom Arms 454 bullets together this year and I shot my first deer with a handgun last Saturday so yeah, he's a helpful fellow. I think he's tried just about everything so when I have a urge to try a different bullet and load in the 454 or 44, I usually ask him first, chances are, he's tried it for sure. Congrats.
:D Nice buck--I use a 135 Sierra SS bullet in my 309 uover 49 grains of 4350. It does the job.

Congrats on the nice buck; I am really proud for you. He looks like a fine deer and hopefully he's just the first of many. Now, ya just gonna have to leave the rifle at home.
Thanks, Hitman. I have a ton of 'range confidence' in this round, but there is nothing like venison in the freezer to really put the confidence in you. :mrgreen:
Way to go.

Great buck. See you didn't need to take the rifle afterall. Just how hard is it to load for? Can already formed brass be purchased, or do you have to form 309 JDJ brass?
markc :grin:
Check out

You can get a new barrel or get your barrel rechambered . . . and get dies and brass (if you like) from SSK. But the .309JDJ lends itself to the wildcatter at heart. Well worth the fire-forming and handloading effort. I'm addicted. I love shooting this round, and it's only a bonus for me that I took a deer with this caliber. If you like the .308 caliber and shooting nice < 1MOA clover leafs at 100yds with a handgun . . . go for it! :agree:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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