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.32 drop-in for T/C Renegade?

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Been lookin for a .32 drop-in for a T/C Renegade but I cant seem to find much info on em anywhere....or if there even is such a critter. Anyone out there know of a company that might make one? Thanks for any opinions.
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well flatlander.54 i got some good news for you i hope saw your posting and got to thinking and whent to the gun room and found a couple of catalogs dixie gun works dosn't list them, but track or the wolf in min. has then for your renagede the catalogg lists it for 139.95 this catalog and dixies catalogs are invaluable were i live in georgia now one has any type of shop around here might be the same nere you but do buisness with both on continuse baseiss track of the wolfs phone number is 763 633 2500 and when you order the barrel get a catallog they are rreal nice.
Thanks Kevin...

Your info is greatly appreciated.
32 drop-in

a drop in barrel in .32 is going to be real heavy: in a renegade :roll:
Flatlander .54, I just bought a .32 green mountain interchanceable barrel on monday from track of the wolf and have shot about 40 rounds threw it. Buy one now! It is a very well made and dropped in with no modifcation. comes with sights, nipple and ramrod. I bought all the accesories( short starter, cleaning jag, ball ammo) for a very reasonable price. Just cleanout storage grease out of barrel and your ready to shoot. I shot touching groups at 25yds and 2" at 50yds with the open sights provided. 20g. 777, .310 hornady ball, .010" lubed remmington patch cut at muzzle.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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