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Hello, I have searched a lot on this forum, and through the faq's.
I have a question that I can't seem to find a definitive answer to.

I have a 45-70 Nef, that I would like to send the reciever in and get a 32" barrel for.
Will I have to get a new forearm for the barrel to fit correctly?
I would like to add a front globe sight ( like the lyman), and a rear flip up style sight (the wesson and harrington) so I can plink at longer yardages
like 500+.

What front globe sight height should I get to match the rear sight?

Has anyone done this conversion?
Any opinions on the least expensive way to go about it?
Thanks in advance.

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The BC barrel fits all SB2 frames, so that's not a problem, your forend will fit fine too, or you can order a stock set if you choose and just send the frame in. Bernie and I use the Smith sight with the .404" 17A front sight, but I don't think H&R sells it and I know they don't sell the Smith sight, theirs are higher, the link on long range sights in the FAQs covers those and others.

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