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336 in .358

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336 in .358

That would require a complete redesign to strengthen it to handle the pressures. NOT SAFE.

Now the .356 Win. is another matter entirely. It is the same as the .358 Win. in outside physical dimension except it is a rimmed case. The case is thicker and operates at lower pressures safe in the Marlin.

All ya gotta do is to pack it up and sent it to SSK Industries one of the Sponsors of this site. (Banner on the Forums Index Page) and tell them to fix it for ya. They will rechamber it and turn it into a .356 Win. for ya. Back on the old Forums I think we had one or two guys who had them do this conversion for them.

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Re: 336 in .358

Ebjonnes said:
What would have to be done to a 336 in .35 Rem. to convert it to a .358 Win.?
While the 358Win and 356Win both have a SAMMI rating of 52,000cup.The 358Win is at times loaded to 60,000psi in strong levers and bolts.Which I believe is beyond the Marlins range and over 52,000cup.Also as some mentioned it has a COL of 2.78,while the 356Win is 2.56.If you were to use 356Win loading data,and flat nosed bullets,and remain at 356 COL of 2.56.It would work.
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