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I am looking into getting something beefy for my Encore frame. I would like something that I could hunt Elk/Moose and maybe even a Bear at modest range. The 338-06 seems like a great choice for the following reasons.

1.)Cheap 30-06 Springfield brass
2.)No fireforming required
3.)Good ballistic coefficients on bullets in the 225-250gr. range

Does anybody see any holes in this logic? Are there some other cartridges I might consider? Any fans of this cartridge have any pet loads?


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One hole in your theory. Fireforming is required. Big deal. your gonna reload anyway.

Go for it. 338/06 is almost my favorite NA big game rifle. I liked the 180 gr, Nosler BT for prairie Whitetails and Mule deer. I have used the Nosler 200 BT's in my 338/308 on cow elk, mule deer, wildebeest, impala, Mt. reedbook, Blesbok, zebra and Kudu with good results. I am going to try the 200's in the 338/06.

Just remember one thing, if you are looking for 338 Win Mag ballistics get one. Keep Velocities around 2500 to 2700 fps and I am sure you will very happy.
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