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You guys who think the TC .35 Rem. barrels are getting a bum rap due to sloppy reloading just do not have a very in depth experience with such barrels. I've owned and worked with a bunch of them and 75% of them will not even fire factory ammo half the time. It is NOT a reloading problem, it's a TC factory problem.

When they are right they will shoot anything you toss in them. When they are wrong they will shoot darn little. The last one I bought was a SS 14" and it fired every thing I dropped in it. I had saved up at least 100 rounds of ammo that various other barrels had refused to fire. All had light primer indentations. Every single one of them I dropped in the SS barrel fired with no trouble.

The same ammo what gets a light primer hit with the TC barrels fires every time in a Marlin rifle.

Again if you think sloppy reloading is the problem you just do not understand the problem and haven't had a wide amount of experience with a bunch of these barrels. Some are good and some are only good to rechamber.
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