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Won't spin a .358" 148gr. HBWC...can't beat the bullets down that small bore with less than a polo mallet...and they don't hold enough (or the right) lube. Even if you swaged them down to .351-352" they still won't shoot well becasue of the slow twist.

Part of the problem is that Numrich barrels tend to be a good bit tighter than other's .36cal. barrels (their .45's were closer to .43's as well).

At short range, will group on a beer can at 30yards (if you don't mind the occasional sideway's hit)..gets progressively worse with range.

A 100-130gr. DEAD SOFT bullet .351" - .352" can be loaded down the barrel (where it kind of rides on top of the lands with just a little engravement), if the powder charge is 30gr. or above, and the lead really soft, will bump-up and engage the rifling...can shoot very well.
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