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357 Herret

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Got a chance to pick up a 5 digit serial number Contender frame with a 10" .357 Herret and a 10" Octagon in 22 mag. Package deal for $450. Not sure what I'm getting into with an older frame since places like Fox Ridge talk about a change they can do for $55 to make it more like the newer frames. Do I need to have this done? and what will the effect be on interchangeability with newer barrels? $450 seems like a good deal to put frame #2 in my cabinet, but if it's obsolete it might not be as good as it seems. Any help is appreciated since I'm relatively new to the Contender game.
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Iwould Probably pass it up,But thats me .More trouble than i would like to deal with.My 2 cents.good luck
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