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357 Maximum in a Blackhawk revolver?

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Alright, maybe GB or someone having experience with this round will chime in on this. I suppose these are mainly for collectors, but I have recently noticed some Blackhawk's chambered in 357 Maximum for sale at different places. Now, I know the 357mag is considered by many to be marginal or an expert's gun :excuseme: (depending upon how you look at it) at hunting whitetails, but what about the 357max? I suppose you could load 180 or 200 grain bullets and get more velocity out of the Max. How would recoil compare to a 44mag? Would you get a little more muzzle flip than with a 44? It would take a lot of 'wanting' to fork out the $600 it seems most are asking for these. Would you also be able to shoot 357mags and 38spec through the gun? This might provide a little more incentive to look at it, as I do not roll my own yet. The gun and cartridge have just gotten up my curiousity a bit, and I was hoping someone could inform me a little on both. Thanks.
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:D The Blackhawk in 357 rem max are getting harder to find. If you get one, DO NOT send it to Ruger. They will keep it and won't send it back. They say the top strap cutting is unsafe. I have yet to hear of one blowing appart. These guns go for some big $$.. Around here, Seattle area, you rarely see one for under $1000. People buy them up because of the long cylinder and make custom guns out of them. My DW in 357sm pushes a 200 gr cast bullet at 1350. Recoil is minimal and I would not hesitate to use it on deer or bear (blacks).

If you can get one for $600, go buy it.

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