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ihmsa70 - I am sure it will. The flat point is what you should use in a lever gun and I believe some of the CASS folk use the 38 Spl and the 357 interchangably in their rifles.

The 200 gn flatpoint should be an excellent bullet. I shoot those and CP Bullets 200 gn swc from my 38 spl and 357 revolvers and that's all I use for personal carry and field use in those calibers.

For your Marlin there are any number of reloads you can use - my old Lymna manual has a number of loadings for the 195 gn bullet that work just right for the 200 gn in both calibers. I also have Winchester factory data that I use.

If you would like some of that loading data just let me know. HTH. Mikey.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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