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It is tough to diagnose the poster's stated velocity. Of course if it were accurate his chamber pressures would be very very high. I wonder if enough H4831 would even fit in the case to reach this velocity. If we assume that the poster is not exaggerating his readings:

* His Chrony is out of calibration or is having an internal issue. My Oehler 35 can't read over 4000 fps accurately without changing the screen spacing. Can't say about the Chrony other than it is supposed to read up to 7000 fps.

* The Chrony may be recording the muzzle blast/flash unstead of the bullet. I had this problem with the Oehler on a few loads when I placed the screens too close to the muzzle of a handgun.

* How many shots in the string? What was the SD? The ES? Was the 3600 fps reading an aberation, or an average?
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