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24" barrel excellent condition unmodified other than being rebored by jes reboring.comes with ch4d die set and shellholder. one pass through sizing die with 308 or 358 brass and they are ready to load.

350 shipped

This cartridge was drawn by lclund1946 in response to forum thread by delenkic who is in the process of development. It is similar to .375-08 Jaguar but with longer neck (.375") and slightly shortened case length. Cartridge Overall Length of 2.800" makes it a true "Short Action" cartridge for Remington 700 Short Action length rifles.

It's design objective is a low recoil, short barrel, quick handling "Bush Gun". With 235 grain bullets and a fast burning powder like Hodgdon Benchmark it should easily achieve a Muzzle Velocity of 2200fps in an 18-20" barrel. This generates a mild 2525 Muzzle energy and retains over 1203 ft.lbs. at 300 yds..

Barnes 235 FN solids would be great for close cover boar hunting and their 235 TSX FB would be great close in as well as for longer range. Speer makes a good 235 gr. Semi-Spitzer that would be a great dual purpose bullet as well.

Bullet Diameter:
.375 in.
Max Overall Length:
2.800 in.
Rifling Twist:
1-in-12.0 in.
Case Capacity (est):
57.9 gr. water
Primer Size:
.210 in.

Bullet Weight:
235 gr
Muzzle Velocity:
2,400 fps
Muzzle Energy:
3,007 ft-lbs


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Re: 375-08 barrel and ch4d die set

Here's a bump for ya. Looks like the custom Handi crowd is a tough bunch these days.

Thanks, Dinny
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