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I owned one of the first ones made. It was one of my all time favorite cartridges. There is something odd about the .375 diameter. It can kill game well beyond its size when compared to other cartridges. The same can be said of the 375HH rifle.

OK with that out of the way, I have used nearly every .375 bullet possible in this gun. The only one that provided the kind of power, penetration and long range accuracy was the 260 nosler partition. The 270 hornady is very flat shooting but way to hard. I recovered some that had only bent the tip. Most just whistled right through. I'm sure if you shot something at 50 yards or less it would work better but I can use a revlover for that work! It's the 150-200 or more yard aniamls I need the 375JDJ for.

I cannot count the amount of near perfect mushrooms I have recovered from the 260 Nosler Partition. I actually wrote an article in Hangunner years ago about using this bullet in the 375JDJ. I have photo's and many comparisons of performance. Remember the 375 win bullets are going to be flat nose and have awfull trajectory. By the same token the standard 375 bullets for the "HH" are going to be designed for much higher velocity. So you have a problem right from the start.

The Partition has the soft front for explosive expansion in a rifle which makes it just perfect in the contender. I doubt you will find a better option! The new Ballistic tip's might work well also, there too new for me to have tested with this gun.
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