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380 vs 38

Britt: Unless you carry your 38 snubbie loaded with heavy bullets, either a 168 grain - 173 grain Keith style semiwadcutter or the 200 grain semiwadcutter, the only advantage a 380 would give you is in the number of shots you have available.

S. Summer used to carry a Beretta 70S in 380 - one of my favorite handguns and calibers (unless I could find an almost new Model 34 in 380) and on occassion I pack that along but most frequently I will carry a 38 snubbie with 200 grain semi wadcutters. I would rather deliver 1000 grains of lead, if I have to, than only 3/4s that from the 380. I like 'em both and sometimes it is tough to decide.

Hope I haven't confused you this time. Mikey.
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