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40mm vs. 50mm objective for real-world use

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I'm looking at getting a burris fullfield 3-9 but want input on whether to drop the extra money for a 50mm scope that will be used for whitetail and maybe occasional elk. Do the extra weight, money, and distance from bore centerline negate the supposed extra light? Just how much difference is there for hunting in woods during legal hours? It's going on a Mod 70 Winchester, so will it need high mounts? I would love to hear from any of your experieces. Thanks,
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50MM objectives on 1" tube scopes are sorta like mudders on a sports car. They are for looks only and serve little real value. With a 30mm tube and 50mm objective and QUALITY optics you do get something but for an American hunter following the game laws what you get isn't worth the negatives.

Any 50 mm objective scope requires high mounting. This means your eye isn't properly lined up when you put your cheek on the stock. This costs you valuable time in getting lined up and might cost you a shot. They add weight and mess up the balance of the rifle and are most easily bumped and damaged.

If you hunt only during legal shooting hours and buy quality optics you'll never see a single extra minute of day light the 50 mm buys you over a 40 mm.

I just noticed that this question is the same as the last question you had on the Bolt Action Rifles forum. I'll get my response and re-post it here. :grin:


Here it is for easier reference:

I don't know why all of you are so opposed to 50mm objectives. Yes, the are bigger and a little bulkier, but they don't seem to bother me, even for hunting big game. And I'm not sure that the 50mm stories from manufactuers in their ads is really propoganda. I have found that the 50mm objectives do in fact allow for more light during low light conditions. No, I don't hunt during illegal times, but when it is down to the last minute or so, or if it is very overcast, it's almost like night shooting. It also doesn't bother me that scope is set higher with those higher rings either.

I understand that things may bother some people. All I am saying is that they do not bother me at all. I would say that all of my scopes, except for two, have 50mm objectives (one is a 40mm objective, and the other is a 56mm objective on my Nightforce NXS).

Now, I agree that quality is better than quality. I think it was GB that said it would be better to go with a higher quality scope in 40mm than to get a cheaper one in 50mm. I agree with that totally! For example, I would much rather support you (or anyone else) getting an Elite 4200 with 40mm objectives, than an Elite 3200 with 50mm objective. Or, more specific to your question, to get a Vari-X III with 40mm objective, than to get the VXII with 50mm objectives.

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Ooops. I meant to say that quality is better than QUANTITY. :oops:

Zachary, dat's what the Edit button is for. No one but you has to know. :)

I appreciate the input GB and Zach. Has anyone else got any experience with this issue that they'd like to share? Any and all input appreciated.
Thanks GB. You knows us lawyers - all good for nothing. :) You'd think that after receiving 4 advanced degrees that I would know just about everything there is to know. :oops:

Zachary :)
40 vs 50 mm

jedgreen every rifle I own has 40 mm or less except one and it came with a larger scope on it in a trade and I just left it on the rifle as it does shoot well with it, however I dont use it as often as I do alot of the others it just dont feel right for me in the field. Somewhere I read and I thought it was here that an eye Dr. said that the average man DONT benefit any by going from a 50 over a 40 but Im not sure where I read it so I cant say I just remember reading the statement and putting it somewhere in the graymatter and left it there not thinking it would be of any interest to me as I wasnt going to go any larger with any of my scopes, I have become a little lazy in my retirement as I dont like to carry a large rifle anymore, the smaller the better. :D JIM
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