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Work up to 24 gr of H110 with the hard cast 240s. I use WLP primers and have had consistant ignition. I have had very good performance with that load in a Hawes and RBH with 240 gr HARD (429421 of linotype) cast bullets that were flat based and lubed with Javlina. excellent accuracy with no leading.

Had abysmal performance with commercial "hard cast" bullets and the hard wax lubes they come with. Severe leading in chamber throats, forcing cone and first inch or so of the barrel. This can be alleviated by washing the wax lube off and relubing with Javlina or other alox lube. Have found most commercial bullets are bevel base and they've never been as accurate as flat based bullets. Best luck I've had with the 240 gr commercial bullets as bought has been when using 9.5 gr of Unique. Generally runs between 1000 and 1100 fps and is a nice "fun" load. Still leads, though not as bad as the full bore load.

Larry Gibson
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