This barrel started out as a Super 14 but is now a 16 inch . The barrel extension is permanently attached so legally qualified to use as a carbine. A previous owner had this done and as you can see by pic . It was done in an excellent manner.

I think the barrel is stainless steel but not 100% certain. I know it is not Armor Alloy as no AA marking are on barrel. IT has been on the easy open frame and the older style frame. Worked very well with both. This barrel made an excellent tree stand gun. The slots on the barrel do help with recoil. The installed Weaver base will also come with barrel.

When I first got the barrel. I started with 180 grain bullets. It shot them so well and proved so effective on Ohio deer. I never tried anything else in it. Paypal is accepted and of course USPS money orders.

I will consider trades in something to do with Contenders. Bear in mind that I have @ 16 barrels at last count in different calibers. If you would like to discuss/message me about barrel PM me for phone #

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