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.444 Marlin and an NEF .44mag...

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I was looking at an NEF SB2 single shot today at a gunshop and would consider having it rechambered to .444Marlin.

Has anybody here had that done?

If you have, what kind of results have you had with it for shootability, reliability, recoil, etc.?

It looks like it would make a fun carry gun! :)

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Can't help but....

H&R has a web page that may help you.
How about the .445 Supermag

Seems that you could rent a reamer and make it a .445 Supermag. Then you could shoot .44 mags and .44 Specials.

Any one of you guys on the forum try this of think it would be a possibility?

We have a few grizz up here. The .445 Super Mag was designed by Elgin Gates as a revolver cartridge. The case is made for 30/40 Craig (and others) cases and is 1.610 in length as compared to 1.285 for the .44 Mag.

Compare the two from a 14" Contender:

300 grain:

.44 Mag. 1400 fps and 1305 foot pounds
.445 Super Mag. 1850 fps and 2279 foot
240 grain:

.44 Mag. 1700 fps and 1540 foot pounds
.445 Super Mag. pounds2050 fps and 2239 foot pounds

See my reasoning? Were approching the 45/70 at 1950 fps and 2533 fp.
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Ya know....

What some saleman wants you to have, what the engineer designed and what you want are never the same!

NEF has some interesting concepts as you have noted in their barrel selection. They did offer the 7x57, .35 Whelen, and if I am correct the .260. They do offer the .280 in a 26 inch barrel!

Many people ream out the chamber to the caliber that they want instead of waiting for something to appear. There is a "talk" page where you can read about the plus's and minus's of the H&R's. I have a .243 and love it for caribou. I am waiting to get a .308 since I have about 400 bullets in 30 cal and no 30 cal. gun. Don't ask, a gun nut is a gun nut!
Yea it sounds like a plan to me!

Any reason to buy a new gun needs to be considered. The Whelen is a bit big for goats and not quite flat enough, the .243 a little light, The .44 can't quite reach there, the .445 might start an avalanch, the .45 APC is my carry gun, the .357 Herret might do but then......a .308 should do perfect! Looks like I need one then. I will have to talk to the dog and see if he says it is alright.
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