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45/410 Barrel Question-need some help

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45/410 Barrel Question-need some help

Paul, well yeah ya can. Meaning the gun will go bang. :) But ya really don't wanna. Not real sure the soft lead shot will damage the threads but might as it is traveling fast. Will no doubt get some lead in the threads making it harder to screw the insert in and out later and it will also blow the pattern pretty badly which is the number one reason not to do it I think. Now iffen it is fer snakes up close and personal then it might open the pattern a bit for easier kills.

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I have a 14" 45-410 barrel for my Contender and have not had much problem with accuracy. I'm just shooting bulk ammo with cast bullets, 300g I think. I've never tried to measure any groups with it, but it dose well on cans and sticks of 2x2 pine at 20 to 30 yards with just the factory bead and plastic rear sight. It also works for picking quarters out of the air. Although I do miss some so maybe it is the barrels fault (lol).

I would say this is the most fun barrel I have. It's great for hunting and a pleasure for plinking.
45/410 Barrel Question-need some help

Ok, I’ve probably been watching too much American shooter, but anyway.

Yes the barrel I have is 14" stainless with the vented rib. It has a bead at the end and a plastic rear sight slide into a notch in the rib.

No I haven’t used any 410 slugs in it. I’ve given it some thought, but I’ve heard that the 45’s do better then the 410 slugs, especially if you reload. I’m not sure of all the specifics on the comparisons. I know I’ve seen it mentioned on here before though.
45/410 Contenderizer

I’ve used mine mainly for rabbits and a few crows. I would agree that 30 yards is about the max.

It’s a blast to shoot, especially when on my first trip out a hunting buddy told me I’d never hit a rabbit with that. After going 3 for 5 (1 more with 2 less shots then him with his shotgun) he didn’t have too much more to say on the matter.

I’ve heard of it taking a deer two with the 45’s, but have no personal experience with that.
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