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Anyone here shoot a 45/70 in a contender 14". I just got one and love it. What loads do you use for say deer pigs. I have a 2power Leupold mounted on it and its seems to be just right. I have shot the factory 300 gr Remington load and a 405 gr Black Hills load too. I look forward to hearing from you guys.
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What's a deer pig?

If you handload try a 300gr Hornady JHP over 30grs of 2400 this load shot very well in my 45-70 and it droped every deer in there track's.I shot a doe in the head with this load all that was left of the head was a lower jaw and two ears.


You know how that inbreeding thing happens dont ya....
I guess I was too tired to be typing huh?
Talk to you later

I've recently aquired a 14" barrel with muzzle break on a Contender frame. I like it, however I am still learning about it.

I've shot it about 50 times thus far; a box of Winchester 300 grain SJHP, and the rest an assortment of reloads using RE7 (loads of 46.0, 47.0 and 48.0 grains), Winchester brass/large rifle primer, and Remington 300 grain SJHP bullets. Of the three loads, the 47.0 grain is grouping the best, about 2" at 30 yards (offhand-supported over the hood of my truck). Results are less than desirable; more fine tuning is in order. The force of the recoil is mostly to the rear, on account of the muzzle break, and is felt even the day after shooting 30 test rounds of reloaded ammunition. It was fun at the time though.

I doubt that I will load 48.0 grains of RE7 again, as I believe I observed signs of high pressure-black gas marks on breech (a little help here from experienced reloaders/shooters would be appreciated).
I have found that h4198 loads good and with low pressure too
so far I load 57gr. with a 300 gr HP
and 40 gr. with a 535 postall
but with the 535 I think 65 gr. of Pyrodex RS I get the smallest groups.
test drive

I am considering test driving a 14 in 45&70. A local dealer has a barrel , might slip it on my contender frame to test drive it. I kind of like the idea of using it with black. can this be loaded with like 250 gr. pistol bullets? Jim
I wouldnt think it would be very accurate. 250 gr pistol bullets if made for the 45 colt are .452" the ones for 45 acp are .451" I have used the smaller ones in a 45 colt before . A 45/70 uses bullets that are .458" so there is more difference there. You might be able to use a cast one of that weight you would need to see how much oversize it is after you cast it. I have a box of them heck I will give it a shot and let you know what happens.
unless you paperpach the 250 gr. .451 it will not be accurate at all in the 45-70 it has to have a .458 or .459.
try the 300 gr. .458 if you would like lighter bullets
Any idea of velocities with that 57.0 grains of 4198 load?
Recoil is pretty significant on that one I bet.

velocities are around 1900 to 2000fps by my corny.
yes the recoil is more than a .44mag but my SSK barrel is magnaported with 4 holes and you can take it, now the 535gr. postells are a bit much :eek:
test drive

well I decided not to test the 45&70, 1, it is ported, 2, it is drilled for a scope. I was thinking about irons. other than that thanks for the info bout the light bullets.... shows ya how much i know botu the cal. Jim
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