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.45 for hunting

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Sir: I have a .45/.410 in a contender that I have hunted with. I havenot shot at a deer with it yet..but have full confidence in it. I have loaded some pretty warm 300 grain XTP and some hard cast 300 grainers that my barrel really likes. I have mounted a Tasco reddot sight on my vent rib and it works for both the .410 and the .45 LC. I think the .410 slugs would be fun to shoot, but for hunting purposed I think one would be better served with the .45...even the milder loaded .45 Silvertip self-defense bullet would be better than the slug. If I ever go on a hog hunt that's what I will be toting,stoked with my 300 grain hard cast bullets.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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