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45 LC load

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Looking for a recommendation for 45 LC using cast 220 gr bullets and Bullseye. This would be for cowboy shooting so not looking for massive speed here.
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try 6.5 grs as a start
You have Bullseye on hand?

Or you using it for something else? Because the easiest and most authentic is Holy Black (to quote Marsh). Bullseye burns so dirty, you might as well use black...just put in until your bullet (actually a card wad helps here) compresses the load about .0625". More fun, too.
Nope, just getting into cowboy shooting and want to learn from the experience of others.
Have a bunch of Bullseye and figure I'll use it for another 5-10 years. Seems the more I use it the more there is.
It'll work fine, but you might like to try Red Dot or Titegroup for better accuracy at about the same charge weights. 'Course if ya got a bunch of it, use it up - good stuff, it'll do fine. Just keep those bullets soft and fit 'em to the throats like always. (If it's a Ruger make sure the throats ain't smaller than the bore!)
I'd agree with Billy.I shoot C.A.S. with the 45LC Vaquero and that load should work out about 850fps.

Happy Shooting! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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