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.458 winchester cast bullets in the Ruger #

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.458 winchester cast bullets in the Ruger #

:D Pat
I have a Remington 700 in .458 Win. Mag. I use a Lee 500 gr. RN with reduced loads (it's about 465 gr with linotype), but never tried to drive it over about 1300 due to the punishment on my old shoulder...But I think it would go to the max without any trouble at all. My normal load for 500 gr. Hornady JRN is 74 gr. of H4895 at 2050 fps with CCI LR primers which gives almost a one hole group at 100 yds. with a scope but it hurts too much to get more than a 3 shots group in any one range session.
The reduced load gives about the same accuracy at 50 yards with a Lyman receiver sight with a lot less punishment.

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Re: .458 winchester cast bullets in the Ruger #1

Pat said:
First, I just want to say thanks for the responses to my post. I have a lot of wheel weights and IMR 3031 in my garage to start loading the .458. I have casted a lot of pistol bullets but never for a rifle. Again thanks...
Pat your first job is determining throating on your gun-- dia and length. Match the dia with your slug and try to seat that slug as far forward to the rifling as possible. Some 458's have long throats.

For hardness-- drop the slugs hot right otta the mold into a pail of cool water. That'll harden them to the range of linotype. Most likely sizing isn't going to be needed.

3031 is good powder for the 458 for sure. Another tac is a caseful of slow fuel just mildly compressed. THat stradegy is something slower and possibly easier on the shoulder. Those 500's don't have to go 2000 fps to do the job-- the 45/70 is an excellent killer at 5-700 fps slower.
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