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.50 BEOWULF ????????

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:shock: O.K.....This is a new round to me...It came into question because i just read an advertisement fer this critter in an AR TYPE RIFLE...I have never heard of it before..anybody gots any ideas.....other that its wulf. type hunting round...its carries a 325grn projo...thanks..king
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.50 Beowolf

Check out the test at Jeff Quinn's or go
The loads available through Alexander Arms are as follows :
325g JHP (Speer)
334g JHP (A.Arms branded)
334g FMJ (A. Arms branded)
400 g JSP (Hawk/ A.Arms branded)
Most of the above are available for a little over $20. per box/20
The 400g is about $27. to $34. box/20 depending on source.
The 334 g FMJ and JHP bullets are $99. per 500
Brass (starline mfr. available through A.Arms and is about $34. per 100 cases.

There are additional bullets in .50 size that have been tested and have reload data available.
The Beowulf wasn't designed initially for hunting. It was designed in response to a US Govt. design spec for the Coast Guard . They needed a compact rifle that could take out the engine blocks of a drug-running speedboat when fired from a helicopter. The Leitner-Wise rifle eventually "won" the bid. Both rifles are very similar and use the AR modified upper. The Beowulf is being used in small numbers in Iraq as a car stopper due to its ability to crack engine blocks. As a afterthought it turned out to be a nice hunting gun. I can't wait to try mine this next hog season.
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I'd look long and hard at this before I put my hard earned cash into the AR conversion for this deal!!!
The Coast Guard looked at it for over 2 years and gave up on the program. The ammo never could live up to the required ballistics and the magazine feed issues were never overcome. Now to be fair, the Beowulf is a mite bit different than the Leitner wise version, but still do your homework first.

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