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50 cal Blackpowder 405 gr and 444 gr?

hi gene it all depends on what type of game your interested in hunting, a cpouple months back waiting for my leg to mend up was watching the outdoor net work and black powder guns and huntings first episode was on and they had the founder of black belt bullets ( makers of power belts), useing a inline don't recall the rifle make, useing anew devloped bullet fopr their line up a 4oo plus bigger than the 444grn. that had a steal tip followed buy the standered soft lead, and don't recall the charge but the guy droped a huge cape buffalo, and the new buulet did it job the first time the thing was shot at a 110 yards and the rifle was scoped,
and ive have and shoot the same grain bullet your useing and have had excellent results with it and have used 444gr also at the range and yes sir that buuet and 90grns,2fg kets you know real quike.
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