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I'm relatively new to this too, but this is how I do it. You need a lube that melts, and always melt it in a double boiler, never over direct heat. I make my own, it's approximately 25% Crisco, 25% Lanolin, 40% beeswax, and 10% Lubeguard. The essential ingrediant is the fats, the was is the carrier and the Lubeguard adds high temp nonpetroleum lubricants.

Stand the bullets up in a container - I use the plastic throw-away food storage thingies - and poor the hot lube over them up to the last greese grove. Let this harden, some folks put it in the freezer for a while. Pop the block out of the container and push your bullets through the lube with your finger. Hey Presto! Lubed bullets.

I even went out to Big Lots and bought a pot and metal bowl to make a double boiler, thinking LOML (Love Of My Life) would want to keep this separate from the food prep things. Quit worrying when I saw her making salad in my bowl! Run them through the dishwasher and they are fully clean, and it's all digestable anyway - except maybe the Lubeguard.

Don't let it throw you, it's easier than cooking!

Wayne the shrink
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